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Code of Business Conduct and Ethics

eXp World Holdings, Inc., together with its subsidiaries, is committed to fostering an industry leading work atmosphere for its employees, directors and officers. Our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics is an important part of cultivating and ensuring open communication, a positive community and a legally compliant business environment.

The Code shows how we use our culture and core values to build and preserve integrity in our business:

Avoid Conflicts of Interest
We act in the best interests of eXp World Holdings. Conflicts of interest can arise when our personal relationships or financial interests overlap with our job responsibilities.

Protect Confidential Information
We protect and respect the business value of information and ideas, whether they belong to eXp World Holdings, our customers or business partners.

Compete Fairly
We act fairly, honestly and in good faith as a representative of eXp World Holdings in any dealings with customers, suppliers, competitors, employees and other business partners.

Protect Company Assets
We protect against the improper disclosure, theft or misuse of the company’s intellectual and physical property, which is only for legitimate business purposes.

Comply with Laws Around the World
We follow the laws and regulations of all the places where we do business. We are honest and transparent in our interactions with government representatives and officials.

Contribute to a Safe and Healthful Workplace
We integrate sound safety and health practices into our operations and comply with workplace safety regulations. We resolve problems respectfully, and never resort to acts or threats of violence.

Foster Diversity and Inclusion
We provide equal opportunity in all aspects of employment and will not tolerate any illegal discrimination or harassment of any kind.

Communication to the Public
We do not speak on behalf of the company unless authorized to do so; direct analyst and media inquiries to the CEO.

Honor Cybersecurity
We appropriately use company information technology and data, and do not intentionally compromise or subvert cybersecurity controls.

How to Report a Concern
If you learn of a potential or suspected violation, you are obligated to report the relevant information. Choose whichever reporting option you are most comfortable using. Whichever option you choose, your confidentiality will be protected:

In addition, you can always raise concerns with your supervisor or department head, the CEO or General Counsel.

There is NO Tolerance for Retaliation
We will not tolerate retaliation in any form against any person who in good faith reports suspected violations, voices other ethical concerns, or who is involved in investigating or helping to resolve any such issue.

We are committed to taking prompt and consistent action in response to violations.

While the Code won’t tell you exactly what to do in every situation, it serves as a guide to help you make good decisions and navigate complex situations where the answer might not always be clear.

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