Our ethical, social, environmental, cultural, and economic dimensions of doing business

Our Core Values and Sustainability Commitment

eXp World Holdings is committed to running a sustainable business for our agents, their clients, and the greater good of our planet. At eXp, we bring people together beyond boundaries with advanced collaboration technologies.

We are empowering our companies, customers and people to grow sustainably by transforming the way people engage, connect and work. Our approach leverages the power of community and cloud-based solutions to drive positive impact for people and the environment. A robust materiality assessment in 2022 led us to focus our efforts on three key pillars: empowering people development, building inclusive and equitable communities and advancing climate-positive solutions.

We are helping people achieve their fullest potential by fostering personal and professional growth through our tools, technology and collaboration. We drive fairness, inclusivity and belonging by supporting diverse groups of clients, agents and employees, and encouraging them to create a positive impact in their communities through philanthropic initiatives. We are paving a responsible path to a better planet through our cloud-based model and will continue to promote, scale, and innovate solutions for a low-carbon economy and more resilient communities.

We are committed to furthering these goals through targets that will be regularly evaluated to ensure our continued success to meet the pillars of our core values strategy.


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Sustainability is one of our core values at eXp, striving to be good financial stewards of the environment, the organization and our families. To this end, we have created an environment that agents want to be part of, and that allows us to scale our business globally, heading towards a sustainable future.

eXp Realty Policy Highlights

Our policies are clear: 

  • Any Agent whose conduct, actions or performance violates or conflicts with eXp’s P&Ps, eXp’s core values, code of ethics, or any other eXp policy, may be released from eXp immediately and without warning. 
  • It is the commitment of eXp to ensure the brokerage is free from negative, aggressive and inappropriate behaviors, and that the environment is aimed at providing an atmosphere upholding our core values. All Agents and employees of eXp have the right to be treated with dignity and respect. 
  • All complaints of negative and inappropriate behaviors will be taken seriously and followed through to resolution. Agents or employees of eXp who file complaints will not be victimized for reporting others for their inappropriate behavior. 
  • Agents who are members of the National Association of REALTORS® are required to be in good standing with their respective state licensure requirements and maintain their mandatory ethics training